Haul-Around Champion®

Lubenow Companies Inc – the Haul-Around Champion® of Trucking Companies

If you’re in the market for trucking companies in Wisconsin and the rest of the Midwest, you certainly aren’t lacking for options. However, there’s a reason so many businesses throughout the region have entrusted Lubenow Companies with such an important responsibility since 1998. In fact, we like to think there are at least three specific reasons businesses like yours have declared us the “Haul-Around Champion” of trucking companies: Professionalism, on-time delivery, and dedication to safety.

We Prioritize Professionalism

At Lubenow Companies, we have always understood that trucking companies act as extensions of their employers when they are on the road. So, we have never taken for granted the amount of trust our clients put in us when they allow our drivers to represent their businesses. That’s why all of our employees understand the importance of always acting in the most professional manner. From the uniforms they wear to their actual driving, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that our team has your company’s best interest at mind throughout their share of your distribution chain.

Of course, our team also prioritizes timely quotes, accurate billing, organized paperwork, and timely notifications. We know that businesses like yours expect the utmost in professionalism from trucking companies like ours and we always deliver, every step of the way.


Our Drivers Are Consistently on Time

Nothing is quite as frustrating as dealing with trucking companies that can’t keep deadlines. You have enough on your plate without having to worry about whether or not your deliveries will show up on time.

When you entrust Lubenow Companies with your trucking needs, this will not be a concern. In short, we consistently manage deadlines. We value your business far too much to lose it over a promise that is so easy to keep.

That said, we still understand how important deadlines are to modern businesses. The efficiency of your supply chain rests on timely deliveries and your ability to effectively anticipate them. To help put your mind at ease, we offer real-time tracking, so we can trace all of your shipments along their routes.

We Have Been Nationally Recognized for Our Dedication to Safety

It should go without saying that all trucking companies place a premium on safety. At Lubenow Companies, we don’t hire any drivers without first checking their histories to ensure they’ll be safe on the road. We view it as our responsibility to ensure we’re not endangering others by hiring unsafe drivers.

This is also an extension of our commitment to representing our clients on the road. We would never let an unsafe driver give your company a bad name. Unsafe drivers are also a danger to timelines and the integrity of our clients’ products. Even a minor delay or accident caused by bad driving could threaten a deadline or damage a client’s property. This is out of the question for our company.

Our company has received multiple Platinum National Safety Awards from Great West Casualty Co, as well as Outstanding Fleet Safety Performance awards from Acuity Insurance.



Entrust the Haul-Around Champion®  with Your Shipping Needs

Finally, we want you to know that our team is always available to answer questions or address any concerns you may have. If you’d like to learn more about how Lubenow Companies can play an integral role in your business’ ongoing success, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.